Cloud 7 & 12 event: seminar on ‘Leading a Research Culture’ (in cooperation with Penta Nova)

Article written by Dr. Lisette Uiterwijk

Collaboration and combining forces can have a great impact. On Thursday the 4th of April we combined the forces of Eapril Cloud 7 (Research Impact on school development), Eapril Cloud 12 (Leadership) en Penta Nova, Academy for school leadership. Researchers from both Eapril Clouds and graduating students from the Master Educational Leadership of Penta Nova collaborated in a seminar with the theme Leading a research culture.

The day started with an inspiring keynote from Dr. Inge Andersen about the value-oriented nature of research-based leadership. After this the 120 participants were able to choose between eleven different paper presentations divided in three sessions. Four of these presentations were from graduating master’s students. In the other seven sessions researchers from both the Netherlands and Flanders presented their research results. The topics varied from Self-management and autonomy in education to Development of a school-wide vision and from Professional dilemmas from administrators to Involving colleagues in research in the school.

Thanks to our host Marnix Academy, university of applied sciences in Utrecht, we were able to accommodate a varied group of participants consisting of both practitioners (like school leaders, administrators, and teachers) as well as researchers. This combination ensured we made a step in closing the gap between research and practise.