CLOUD 10 Assessment & Evaluation: On the road to Tartu! (2/4)

Testing, grading. A lot of our professional time is spend on it. A lot of literature has been written about it. And even within EAPRIL a cloud is dedicated to it. This is our second blog from this cloud.

Looking at the literature, we realized that a lot of it was of a prescriptive nature. Some of it was empirically embedded. But what we really missed was the actual opinions of pupils and students. They are taking the test, they receive the feed back (or up, or forward). But it remains rather unclear how they appreciate this all and what they select to use from it in order to enhance their further learning. 

In order to have at least some information about this aspect, Jeroen and I started a small survey among our students. It consisted quite simply in putting two question:

  • Try to remember a occurrence in which you received feedback  from a teacher that was to your opinion outstanding regarding other moments of feedback. Please try to tell is shortly in what way this feedback moment was better than the other moments
  • Can you tell is what impact this feedback had on you? Feel free to explore all things you find relevant to this aspect, from your mood to further learning, all is of interest to us!

So far our response was as might be expected: around zero student answered our survey. Not surprisingly, we suspect their were all tired from their last tests and still absorbing the feedback we and our colleagues gave to them. Still, a new college year is starting quite soon and we will repeat our survey.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to expend this effort. If you would like to participate in this small but interesting research, feel free to join us. Just send out a mail to your students in which you ask them according the two above questions. After skipping all personal information we can compare our outcomes. Receiving a little bit of feedback on our feedback…..

For more information, mail to Jeroen ( or to Fer (