EAPRIL 2020: “Learning in the Age of Industry 4.0”

Digitisation affects not only industry, but also learning – this will constitute the primary focus of the EAPRIL 2020 conference. The venue is the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, Austria – in the heart of the beautiful Tyrolean Alps.

This year’s EAPRIL conference invites researchers, experts, and practitioners from all over the world to exchange ideas on the topic of Learning in the Age of Industry 4.0. The conference will take place from November 25th to 27th, 2020 at the university in Kufstein, a modern, vibrant, and traditional city in the Austrian Alps.

In the context of the EAPRIL conference, researchers are dealing with the changing goals of lifelong learning in an exchange with practitioners. The key question: what opportunities do digitisation and associated digital technologies offer in the teaching and learning environment. New learning models with virtual reality systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and the use of online channels are paving the way for a new methodology that requires the rethinking of didactic concepts.

EAPRIL at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol

The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol is located in the center of the city of Kufstein and is home to 2,200 students and 500 lecturers – with a strong international focus since its foundation. A worldwide network of over 210 partner universities is the basis for the lively international mobility on campus, for which the university has received several awards. Incoming students from all over the world enrich the modern university and underline the international flair.

As a University of Applied Sciences, the FH Kufstein Tirol is particularly dedicated to the areas of applied computer science, engineering, real estate and energy management, as well as economics, cultural and social sciences. Exemplary new degree programs that train specialists in digitalisation were created here. The field of digital learning offers location- independent teaching. Some programs of study offer additional flexibility for students pursuing careers alongside their studies due to a particularly high share of online learning opportunities.

The comprehensive research focus of the FH Kufstein Tirol, “People & Digitisation,” aims to promote development solutions for social challenges. In addition to digitization, Industry 4.0 is also in focus – a further overlap in content with the topic of EAPRIL.

The city of Kufstein and the state of Tyrol extend a cordial welcome to the EAPRIL conference in Kufstein and are already looking forward to hosting the conference participants in November. Experts can submit research contributions until April 23, 2020 here.

Historical flair and urban life in the fortress town of Kufstein

Cobblestones. Colorful house facades. Frills. Loving details. Coffee tables invite you to linger. The landmark of Kufstein sits enthroned in the middle of the city. Historic flair on the green Inn surrounded by the Tyrolean Mountains. The eight picturesque villages of the Kufsteinerland each add their own unique character to the fortress town. Top-class cultural events complement traditional living customs. Framed by the Tame and the Wilder Kaiser, the Kufsteinerland becomes the gateway to the Tyrolean Alps. Every step turns into an experience. The Kufsteinerland connects.

Kufstein is looking forward to visitors from all over the world in order to captivate them with its charm and to demonstrate its hospitality.

Article written by the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, Tirol.

More information on the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, Tirol: https://www.fh-kufstein.ac.at/

More information on the EAPRIL2020 Conference: https://eapril.org/eapril-2020

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