ViSuAL – Evidence-based hands-on pedagogy for using productive video-collaborative learning

In the beginning of the current COVID-19 epoch online teaching was booming. However, currently many teachers are thinking about ways to make the ‘talking heads’ on the students’ screens more interactive. Teachers search for ‘active learning’ possibilities. One of those possibilities is the use of video tools in a way that contributes to developing conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills. Video-based e-learning and collaborative knowledge building are 21st century approaches: the online teaching calls for a workable pedagogy and skilled teachers to take on the up-to-date video supported collaboration solutions for creative teamwork in online environments. 

Video-Supported Education Alliance (ViSuAL) is a knowledge Alliance (Erasmus+ project) of 6 HEIs-Teacher Education (HEIs-TE) and 6 Educational Technology Designers (ETDs). The alliance co-created an evidence-based pedagogical model for Video-Supported Collaborative Learning and also a higher Education-Business partnership model. Those models are based on the many experiments that took place in teacher-education or with teachers in schools in regular and VET educational contexts.

The ViSuAL project is coming to an end and soon different tools will be accessible to you. For instance, a Teachers Manual, MESH guide and a 3 hours MOOC which is a professionalizing opportunity for teachers if they want to know more about video(tools) environments for education, collaborative learning and knowledge building and tools for building their own video supported collaborative lessons or curriculum. Besides those products, various articles are or will be available on different topics: 

  • a systematic review on video use related pedagogical models

  • the ViSuAL-pedagogical model and the theoretical and empirical grounding of it

  • Business demonstrations of video environments

  • model of HEI-BUI partnership

All with the aim to support teachers and teacher-students to become familiar with Video-Supported Collaborative Learning as an educational tool. If you are interested in knowing more about the project and these topics, please be invited to participate in the ViSuAL online session at the EAPRIL online event on November 25th, 2020. More info about the event can be found here.

Do you want to know more about the ViSuAL-project and the outcomes? 

Follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook or read the latest ViSuAL newsletter or watch many Vblogs about their various experiments. 

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