Cloud 4: Innovation in Education

Zooooooooooooooooom in on subjects voted upon by EAPRIL community for exchange, discussion, and finding creative solutions to:

  • Social & learning spaces – Tuesday, April 20th , 2021 – 13h15-14h00 CEST
  • Student & Faculty well-being – Thursday, May 27th, 2021 – 13h15-14h00 CEST
  • Co-construction of knowledge – Thursday, July1st, 2021 – 13h15-14h00 CEST
  • Generative coach – Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 – 13h15-14h00 CEST

Education is inextricably linked to the future. So how can educators, administrators, and researchers influence student well-being in the learningscape of the tomorrow? Is there room for a generative coach in the classroom? How can one add value to one’s teaching? To what extent can we co-construct knowledge together with our students and our peers?

Questions that those in education are regularly called upon to answer – not you?

Rather than coming up with answers on our own, Cloud 4 is proposing a series of Zoom Cafés to explore these issues together. No formal presentations, but discussions around a number of questions as we lean into and embrace the future together. Participants will be encouraged to come up with specific ideas that they can implement in practice following the sessions.

Come prepared with food and drink and be ready to participate and leave feeling inspired. We are looking forward to these virtual lunch-breaks with colleagues near and far.

article written by Zarina Charlesworth & Els Laenens: Cloud 4 Co-coordinators

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