The European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) promotes practice-based research on learning issues in the context of initial, formal, lifelong and organisational learning. EAPRIL is unique in bringing together those interested in the crossroads between research and practice but also between education and professional learning.

EAPRIL brings together two unique sub networks that focus on learning in two specific contexts: Education and Learning in Schools and Corporate Learning.  Both parallel streams have their own activities but share the same goal. Our annual Conference  offers activities allowing to interconnect and exchange research and experience with fellow researchers and practitioners across this variety of fields.

The mission of EAPRIL is to improve learning and professional development in a variety of contexts by promoting practice-based research. EAPRIL supports all research that has significant impact for learners and practitioners by bridging the worlds of practice, research and policy.

EAPRIL offers a platform for all sorts of practice-based researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss, develop and share their research and practices. The association, therefore, consists of an extensive network of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and students from a wide range of sectors and in various stages of their careers.

EAPRIL is unique as a supportive community for both researchers, practitioners and policy makers. The association encourages members to constructively support each other on improving learning and professional development. The international collective of researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all professional backgrounds offers opportunities for collaboration, innovation and (policy) development in both practice and research methodology.